Chiara Pancaldi


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jeremy pelt

From our earliest encounter, two things struck me as outstanding about Chiara Pancaldi. One of them was her clarity of expression. Speaking as more than a casual observer, one of the hardest things to attain in this music is conviction. That comes with experience and depth. Ms. Pancaldi is possessed of both, and that alone would make this set a pure joy to listen to ! In the days of insincerity and over-produced, gimmicky, flash-in-the-pan artists, Chiara Pancaldi-Iā€™m glad there is you !ā€™

Jeremy Pelt 2015

Michele Hendricks

Chiara is one of the most beautiful voices in jazz out there today-not just in Italy, but anywhere. She has an impeccable technique as well as an irresistible swing. Equally at ease on ballads, bossa, swing or be-bop tunes, she brings her own style and interpretation to everything she sings. And can she scat! She will no doubt make a name for herself in jazz. Chiara Pancaldi-remember the name!ā€™

Michele Hendricks 2012

jazz times

Her interpretative instinct is sharp and her modulation exemplary

JazzTimes Magazine 2016