Italian jazz singer and songwriter Chiara Pancaldi with a “light’s as air sound and beautiful phrasing” (Jazzwise Magazine) “never fails to excite or impress” (Jazztime magazine).

Born and raised in Bologna, a small town in the North of Italy, she started classical piano studies at 10, and singing since her very early childhood. She soon developed an interest in jazz, singing along with the records and jamming with musicians.

Chiara graduated from the University of Bologna in 2008 with a Master’s Degree in Anthropology, with a thesis on Indian Classical Music, then graduated from the Conservatory of Bologna in 2012 with a Master’s Degree in Jazz Music.

She has performed live in clubs and festivals in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, England, Bulgaria, Japan: Bansko Jazz Festival, Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo, Audi Forum Jazz, Cala Gone Jazz Festival, Garda Jazz Festival, Padova Jazz Festival, Museo Internazionale della Musica, Umbria Jazz, London Jazz Festival, CrossRoads Jazz Festival, Sunset Sunside Jazz Club, Jazzkeller Jazz Club, Porgy and Bess, Unterfahrt Jazz Club, Teatro Giordano, Teatro Morlacchi, Ancona Jazz Festival, Bologna Jazz Festival, Muze Cultural Center, Torrione Jazz Club, Alexander Plaz Jazz Club, Cantina Bentivoglio Jazz Club, Paradiso Jazz Festival, Blue Note Milano, and many more.

She has collaborated and toured with many great european and american jazz musicians such as Cyrus Chestnut, John Webber, Joe Farnsworth, Darryl Hall, Kirk Lightsey, Don Menza, Vincent Bourgeyx, Olvier Hutman, Jeremy Pelt, Laurent Maur, Fabrizio Bosso, Roberto Tarenzi, Piero Odorici, Nico Gori, Bernd Reiter,  Helmut Kagerer, Marc Abrams, to name a few.

Her second album I WALK A LITTLE FASTER, with Cyrus Chestnut on piano, John Webber on bass and Joe Farnsworth on drums, has been awarded as Best Vocal Jazz Album 2015 by the Jazz Critique Magazine.

Her last album WHAT IS THERE TO SAY (Challenge Records International) features the legendary Kirk Lightsey on piano and Darryl Hall on bass. Two special guests enrich the session, both on two ballads: Jeremy Pelt who played on What is there to say, the track that gives the title at the record, and Laurent Maur who played on A timeless place (The peacocks).

With her new project SONGS DON’T GROW OLD ALONE she looks for a new sound that is influenced by contemporary jazz and brazilian music. The repertorie has original songs and some brazilian, pop and folk songs rearranged, explored with freshness and a strong lean towards interplay and improvisation.


“She is a jazz singer in the sense that she takes liberties with lyrics while retaining understanding of what it actually says” Jazz Journal 

“Her interpretative instinct is sharp and her modulation exemplary” Jazztimes magazine

Chiara’s is one of the most beautiful voices in jazz out there today-not just in Italy, but anywhere. She has an impeccable technique as well as an irresistable swing. Equally at ease on ballads, bossa, swing or be-bop tunes, she brings her own style and interpretation to everything she sings. And can she scat! She will no doubt make a name for herself in jazz. Chiara Pancaldi-remember the name!” Michele Hendricks

“From our earliest encounter, two things struck me as outstanding about Chiara Pancaldi. One of them was her clarity of expression. Speaking from more than a casual observer, one of the hardest things to attain in this music is conviction. That comes with experience and depth. Ms. Pancaldi is possessed of both, and that alone would make this set a pure joy to listen to ! (…) Overall, I believe that this CD offers us all a unique opportunity to catch, what I feel, is the birth of a major talent, and it is my sincere hope that you find as much joy in listening to the music as the musicians undoubtedly had recording it. In the days of insincerity and over-produced and gimmicky, flash-in-the-pan artists, Chiara Pancaldi-I’m glad there is you !” Jeremy Pelt 

“She exhibit a beautiful timbre of voice, a powerful swing and a strong personality” Jazzit Magazine